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    — 6 areas to watch —
    6 attractions
    extraordinary forest experience
    Senling Tree Plaza
    Vine forest
    Water mist forest
    Doodle forest
    Tundra Forest
    Dark forest
    Joyful and wild tropical jungle ---- Forest Elf Square
    Step into the treasure jungle and encounter the carnival of animals
    The joyful and wild tropical jungle Forest Elf Square is surrounded by the jungle of Madagascar.It is a square for animals.The unique African baobabs together with the indigenous tribal architecture make this area full of primitive colours.
    ·Forest Elf Square has facilities such as the Green/Suni train, the tourist service center, and many cultural and creative shops.
    Classical and romantic heart-beating experience ---- Vine Forest
    Super long cherry blossom trail, ultimate romantic experience
    The classical and romantic vine forest creates the landscape with Japanese cherry blossoms, wisteria flowers and paulownias. It is hidden in the lush sea of flowers and bamboo forests, combined with the classical style of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon at 31°N, which is extremely romantic.
    Visitors can enjoy hurricane roller coaster and butterfly show, etc. in the vine forest. It also has special cultural and creative shops and theme restaurants such as Panda Restaurant.
    Free and refreshing rainforest ----- Misty Forest
    Travel through the ecological rainforest, enjoy the secret water garden
    The free and cool Misty Forest creates an immersive white-water rafting resort through the Asian rainforest landscape. The mysterious and attractive architecture combines wooden houses and rainforests in South-East Asia, and is based on the natural scenery of Shennongjia created by nature's extraordinary craftsmanship.
    In the Misty Forest, visitors can enjoy amusement facilities such as Magic Rafting, Bumper Car, Twist Coaster, Rotating Cup, Triumphant Knight and XD Theater. It is also equipped with many cultural and creative shops, as well as theme restaurants such as Hippo Restaurant and Giraffe Restaurant.
    Joyful magic of fantasy and imagination ---- Graffiti Forest
    Cute parent-child forest, colourful childhood with graffiti
    Graffiti Forest is a warm and lively parent-child space, which is full of fantasy and imagination. Red maple and spruce bring colorful imagination. The main scenery is the giant sequoia, a characteristic plant of the Americas at 31°N, creating a fantastic parent-child fairy tale forest.
    In the Graffiti Forest, visitors can enjoy amusement facilities such as Flying Carousel, Courage Tower, Colorful Dreamworks, Merry-go-round, Treetop Theater, Xiaorenguo Fairy Tale Park, etc. It also offers a number of cultural and creative shops, as well as Xiaorenguo Restaurant, Zebra Restaurant, etc.
    Exciting and adventurous extreme challenge ---- Tundra Forest
    A shocking journey through the snow-covered plateau
    The thrilling and adventurous Tundra Forest draws on the natural scenery of Nepal and Mount Everest, one of the top ten wonders at 31°N, extracting the characteristic plateau forest landscape, and using pine trees as the main plant landscape to enhance the atmosphere of the snow-covered plateau.
    In the Tundra Forest, visitors can enjoy amusement facilities such as the Tundra Kingdom, Cliff Hunting Ground, Snow Heroes, Dark Forest Mystery, and Summit of Mount Everest, etc. It also has many cultural and creative shops and many theme restaurants.
    A forbidden place full of mystery and horror ---- Dark Forest
    Gathering cool spectacles, 360° sensory challenges
    The mysterious and thrilling Dark Forest is based on the European Dark Forest, and the most representative platanus and ginkgo are selected to present the exciting forest wonders, bringing the most powerful visual impact in the land.
    In the Dark Forest, visitors can enjoy amusement facilities such as Tornado Storm, Rainforest Tribe, Crazy Journey, Rebirth from Despair, 31°N, etc. It also provides cultural and creative shops, Reindeer Restaurant and Polar Bear Supply Station and other theme restaurants.
    Su ICP No. 12061969-1 Suzhou High-tech Tourism Industry Group C